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Australian Curriculum Geography F

EdPlus Code: XRIC6680
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Printed Catalogue Page Number: 279
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  • Australian Curriculum Geography is a seven-book series linked to the *requirements of the Australian National Curriculum for each stage of *primary school from Foundation to Year 6. The aim of the series is to *use the Geographical Knowledge and Understanding strand of the *Australian Curriculum as a vehicle for practising the skills laid *down by the Geographical and Inquiry Skills strand to answer the key *inquiry questions.
  • Each book is organised into sections dependent on the number of *content descriptions in the Geographical Knowledge and Understanding *strand for that year. Within each section is a number of 4-page units *which explore different aspects of the content description linked to *the key inquiry questions.
  • The activities in each unit give students the opportunity to practise *geographical skills while addressing concepts which aid geographical understanding.
  • Where appropriate, links between the content of each unit and the *general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities have been *recognised.
  • The 4-page units in Australian Curriculum Geography are laid out in a *similar way.
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