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Exploring Geography Europe

EdPlus Code: W922116499
ISBN: 9781922116482
Publisher: RIC Publications
Unit: Each
Printed Catalogue Page Number: 279
Price: $39.09 (GST Exclusive)
$43.00 (GST Inclusive)
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  • Exploring geography (Ages 8–12+) is a series of seven books that *introduces students to the seven continents of the world.
  • Each book is split into sections, allowing students to focus on *particular aspects of the continent.
  • They will learn about the location, political divisions, physical *features, resources and cultures of each continent through enjoyable *reading and writing activities.
  • Exploring geography
  • incorporates strands of Australian Curriculum Geography to assist *teachers in implementing geography into the classroom.
  • This series helps students to develop a deeper understanding of the *people and systems that shape our world.
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