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Booklists for Schools


Booklists for Schools

Does your school organise individual booklist for your students ??

We have the systems and experience to cater for this.

School Fees

We can have your school fees form part of the booklist and collect these fees on your behalf. We will provide to the school a detailed student report of all purchases contained in the booklist. A separate report detailing the fees collected categorized by class and students name will be provided. These reports will be given electronically in Excel format. Details of this process would be discussed with your school for approval.

Student Supplies.

We carry the full range of stationery items contained in a booklist throughout the school year and not just for the back to school period. We believe in supporting your students and their families throughout the year and not just at "Back to School time".

Customer Service

Education Plus has pride in the standard of customer service they give their customers. We can promise the highest level of service will be extended to teachers, parents and students at all times. Our record in previous years enables us to confidently make this pledge.


We will print the booklists formatted to your requirements. The students can have the option of returning the completed booklist back to your school or completing the booklist over the internet.

Booklists on the Internet

All booklists are available on the internet so students can either submit their booklist via the internet or through the traditional process of returning the completed booklists to the school.

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