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Starter Packs for Schools


Starter Packs for Schools

The starter packs provide the students in each class a box containing a set range of products as specified by the school and teaching staff.

The advantages of this type of system include:

  1. Each student in the class has the same products.
  2. You can be guaranteed that each student has the brand of product you like.
  3. There is no turning up on the first day of school with the incorrect product.
  4. You are able to charge a fee for the starter pack and thus reduce your class stationery costs that the school normally incurs.

How the process works:

In discussion with the teaching staff we come up with your stationery and text requirements.

We prepare individual boxes with the same products and have a set value per box.

For example, if there are 50 Grade one students, we prepare 50 boxes containing the same products. You have the option of charging parents a set fee per box

(We can provide details of existing schools currently using this method)

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